Principal's Message


Any Institute either technical or education is itself a small from society. The environment of the institute depends upon the managing quality of the administration. Good managed institute give good message to the society. If this type of institute is an education institute it means special requirement of managing quality arises. We manage this institute in a way to make this system an example for the society.This institute is in 7 Acre with lush-green Campus having all the sports facilities i.e. Cricket ground football ground, Volleyball ground, kho kho ground, Basket Ball and Badminton Court etc. All the laboratories, in the Institute are in well condition i.e. Science Lab, Psychology Lab, Audio - Visual Lab (ET lab) Language Lab and Computer Lab etc. Library is well furnished with huge number of syllabus and other books. Specially a music room is made with all instruments of music to make the education easy with rhythm. Thus we have been this institute as a symbol of Constructive power building centre. We have a school for the training of pupil teacher. Thus we give stress on practical knowledge of the students.