Life is complicated and complex phenomenon. It is urgent requirement of Man to make it simple and wholesome for the purpose of good living. This process can be introduced in the society through proper education to the coming generation. This type of education can only be given by teachers who have free turn of mind with positive approach towards life.
Our institute is promised to prepare the teachers who can become able to achieve above goal for the society. We want that the child should be strong in every respect as per the saying of Swami Vivekanand "Weakness of all type is harmful for man; because it indicates towards death.So life is only in strength. Therefore we should remove all type of weakness from ourself."Thus we want that every Child should be strong.So that he or she can become the strength of the society. We are committed to prepare such type of teachers who can help in our mission.
An Education enlightens the mind , heart and soul od each and every human being and also enlightens the dark corners of life of every individual. the motto of Royal Institute of Science and Management is ,'Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is a progress and working together is a success'.